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Prepare yourself for awesome things.

It is easy to wish for good things to happen in our lives but do we take the time to prepare our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to be able to receive them? I get stressed and worry about everything and yet I don’t want to fall sick. Studies show that stress is linked to one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

A lot of people are frantically going on dates with anyone and everyone in the hopes of finding “the one” but wouldn’t it make sense to slow down with all that and take the time to work on yourself whilst you are waiting for that special someone.

A lot of us are seeking a new direction in terms of our careers or business projects so what are we doing to make that happen?

If you are seeking good stuff to come into your life then it would make sense to prepare for them.

There is another side of to this of course, when the good stuff comes along, can you recognise it? A potential partner may come along but not in the package that would interest you, do you walk on by or take a leap of faith and go for it?

Some food for thought.

Diaspora World

Carry yourself like a queen.

Have you seen that programme called Being Mary Jane, I love the Gabrielle Union character, Mary Jane, she carries herself like a queen, the way she presents, holds and conducts herself always commands attention.

We should aim to present our best selves at all times regardless of what is going on in our lives. It is about working with we have. Some who seem to have it all always seem to be lacking a certain uniqueness and those with simple lives have an air about them.

It is about self belief, having confidence in yourself and your abilities, ignoring the haters, as well as simply loving yourself.

We are queens, let’s remember that.

Diaspora World

Start counting your blessings.

We spend a lot of time complaining about things that are not working, things that we don’t have, situations that are not changing. I am very guilty of this and have been for years.

It is too easy to complain, a good moan often helps but only for a little while. It is important to take a good look at what is working for us and then that will help us to develop a heart of gratitude.

Good health, a steady job, a happy home, food on the table, clothes on our backs, the ability to get to do simple things, these are all great blessings. With the way the economy is at the moment, there is high unemployment in most countries, according to UK news reports, there is an increase of people going to food banks more ever. Appreciate the job that you allows to put food on the table each day.

A lot of people are in unhappy relationships and yet others are envious of them and wish that they were also coupled up with someone. Appreciate your single status, treat and pamper yourself.

People with serious health conditions are often stuck in hospital for months and months on end, let’s be grateful that we are not in that sad situation.

We have a lot to be thankful for, let’s start counting our blessings and start enjoying them.

Diaspora World

Time for a clear out.

Most of us have friends that we have known for a long time that we need to shed but out of a false sense of loyalty, we feel obliged to hang on to them.

Recently I parted ways with someone that I knew for 30 years and I have no regrets about that decision. As life changes and you start to experience new things, those lifelong friends start to criticise you and tend to happily offer negative opinions on what you are doing or intending to do that will enrich your life.

Those friends are secret haters who perhaps don’t have the ambition that you have, don’t have that passion for trying new things or simply don’t like change.

There are others that think they are better than you, they seem to have it all, they have a hairstylist who comes to their homes every day and they travel all over the world because of their careers, you don’t need that negative energy in your life. It is easy to give up because all that negative stuff can get you down if you choose to continue to listen to it.

Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, be your cheerleader, boost your confidence and always push you to start that business, enrol on that course, turn your passion into something worthwhile. Connect with people that you admire, they are likely to also inspire you. I recently met an old church member at my daughter’s dance class, she has started employment agency and we started talking about different ideas for business and straightaway she gave me good suggestions for launching my business from another platform.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Diaspora World

Celebrating my sisters

I am celebrating my sisters today. We are all about it aren’t we. We have a special knack of making it work with what we have. We can use a dollop of shea butter on our skins and we glow all day long, a week in the sunshine makes us look brand new.

Yolanda Adams, that awesome gospel megastar was sharing her domestic abuse testimony on tv a while back, she shared some horrific details about the vicious beatings she got from her ex husband, through it all, she was calm, stood tall and beautiful, with God on our side we all stand tall in the face of hostility and adversity.

As for our appearance, anyone with a strong black Mum knows they are hot on their children smelling good and looking neat at all times. We are trained experts in looking good. Whether it is western wear or African attire from head to toe, sisters always look beautiful.

We are the epitome of beauty, some of us just get by with a touch of bronzer and mascara and some turn their faces into works of art with perfectly applied make up. It is all beautiful.

Let’s talk hair, there is a natural hair revolution going on at the moment and it is thrilling to see, there are so many sisters who have chosen to ditch the relaxer and let the fro grow naturally. Whether the hair is braided, in cornrows, a weave or simply chopped off and worn short, sisters look stunning however they wear their hair.

Let’s celebrate each other at all times.

Diaspora World

Girls and their Dads

Dads have to be on point at all times where their little girls are concerned. The Dad and daughter relationship runs very deep. Little girls experience their first taste of heartache from Dad and it is likely to impact their adult relationships and sour their view of men.

It is difficult to trust when you have been hurt at an early age. I am always excited when I see a Dad making a fuss of his daughter, it is a sight that warms my heart all the time.

African Dads are quite scary, they are great with issues of disclipine but fall short when it comes to the emotional stuff. I secretly think that they cannot handle the emotional stuff because they don’t want to seen as vulnerable beings.

Years ago Dads didn’t show affection in public, didn’t shop for their girls but now modern Dads are braiding their daughter’s hair, cooking and even doing the school run.

Times have certainly changed.

Diaspora World

Do you!

Are you taking the time to look after yourself, are you improving your skills, sharing your talents with the world, are you pampering yourself from time to time?

You can only present the best of yourself if you take the time to work on yourself. There are many areas to work on:

Your heart

A lot of us carry different types of heartache from our childhoods (parent issues, a broken and unsettled home) to relationship issues, that feeling of failure when you don’t achieve those goals you set for yourself. You have to let it all go, you have to heal your heart, you have to help yourself and move on.

Your skills

The world of work is always so competitive. Everyone is trying to make it but it is difficult to make it, so many are in a stagnant state where their career is concerned. Time to tap into your talents and skills, get designing, get drawing, get sewing, start showcasing your wares through social media, you will surprise yourself.

Your faith

For those of you who have a belief, it is imperative that you draw strength and direction from it. Faith will help you to have confidence in yourself and with that in hand, your best will start to shine.

Your health

We are all guilty of ignoring the warning signs where our health is concerned, boring as it seems, it is sensible to go for regular check ups, it would certainly be worthwhile.

Your appearance

Once you have healed yourself on the inside, it is time to work on the outside, regardless of how you wear your hair, take good care of it. Spend a bit of money on good products that will make your hair look great. The same applies to your skin, by simply taking care of it with good products and treatments.

Enjoy your “me” time and continue to work on yourself.

Diaspora World

Stop existing, start living!

We give up on our dreams and fun things too quickly and that should not be the case. Domestic life tends to get in the way of dreams and fun. Sometimes there is a bit of guilt if you try to live your dream. I have a love of travel and have been to a few places with the sisters but it would be a bit selfish to ditch my child and to continue hopping on a plane to go galavanting around the world.

The world is your oyster when you don’t have any responsibility, some people don’t cherish that time and before they realise it, the time has passed them by.

It is also too easy to get bogged down doing day to day chores that you almost forget to do the things that you love.

I took my daughter to her first dance class today and she really loved it. I hope she continues to enjoy it even when she is settled with a family of her own one day.

I love going to cinema,I haven’t been in a long while, I love reading and drawing, I used to draw and read a lot but I am not doing it as much as I would like to.

A lot of us are doing mundane jobs just to get by, we should be challenging ourselves by bringing those business ideas to life.

It is time to start living a little, it is time to start reaching for the stars.

Diaspora World

Never mind what they say, just be yourself.

Society makes it a daily task to put people in categories and because certain behaviour is expected. This is something that baffles me on a regular basis, she is too dark, he is too chubby, she is lightskinned and pretty, they are African, I don’t understand what they are saying, in the UK this is how we do things, she is not aging well.

I always have a giggle when I see my fellow black sisters with bleached faces and dark knuckles, why are they doing that to themselves? Sisters of all colours are beautiful. Brothers move to the USA and after a year they have start talking with an American accent. What are they trying to prove? Women in their forties are injecting botox in their faces, getting their boobs lifted, getting fat sucked out of their bodies in a desperate attempt to stay young but you can’t halt the aging process, embrace it and enjoy it. If your hair is turning grey and change it and dye your hair a fun colour but don’t continue to dye it when you turn 60!

There is currently a discussion going on with the UK press concerning a young Rastafarian London school boy and his school, they are insisting that he cut his locks or he will face suspension, if that was a Sikh boy, that would not be an issue.

Society wants the world to conform and be obedient like soldiers, the attitude is stifling I think. I went to school with the guy who was ashamed to be African and every time I tried to chat to him, he ignored me, I thought he was a fool and didn’t bother with him after a while.

Be yourself, stay true to yourself and surround yourself with people who are also true to themselves.