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Welcome to Diaspora online.

I started this blog as a platform for diasporans worldwide to share experiences about being born and bred in foreign lands but have African heritage which has also had an influence on defining who you are.

I was born in London 45 years ago and my experiences as a British Ghanaian female have been interesting, uplifting and yet very harrowing at times.

I have had the best of both worlds having had the opportunity to live in Ghana for 7 years as a young child. I went to primary school there, excelled in class, enjoyed my Ghanaian food, my favourite dish being yam and garden egg stew, there was endless sunshine,lots of different ghanaian languages to learn including my own dialect Krobo, greeting my elders in the appropriate manner and overall enjoying my African culture and all that comes with it.

Let’s share and discuss this rich tapestry of life that we all have in common.



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