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African Churches

The traditional churches that have been popular for years and were trouble free,lacked power in the sense that when trouble came knocking, spiritually you were not equipped to handle it.

Back in the day, Pentecostal churches were scoffed at, it seemed outrageous that people are worshipping God in such an aggressive and loud manner.

To be honest I do miss the gentleness of the traditional church, the familiar hymns and orderly service lasting just an hour.

You can only battle those life issues with that heat from a Pentecostal church, the teachings keep it real about who we are in Christ, it is enough to keep you fired up and keep you trusting God to see you through the bad times.

While in Ghana some years back a White American pastor came to my local church to give a powerful word, while what he preached was nothing new, it caused total carnage, almost half the church members were on the floor, some were crying, some are laughing hysterically, some were praying furiously, he said that our lives would never remain the same after that day and indeed I grabbed that and within three years I got married after years of leading a single life with no hope of ever getting married.

I love the Pentecostal church setting, often guest pastors come along to give a word when you are going through stuff and you feel uplifted but let’s be real about it, where masses of black people are gathered, there tends to be issues of gossip, backstabbing, jealousy and envy amongst the women especially.

I make sure that I stay focused on the word alone and make it a point to avoid getting embroiled in church drama.