Diaspora World

Certain things are taboo and they shouldn’t be.

I read an insightful blog about suicidal thoughts recently and it was brutally honest and refreshing to see that a young African woman had tackled this topic in such an open way.

I admire her courage because it takes guts to be that real. Africans shy away from topics like mental health, depression and suicidal feelings.

It is scoffed at and often there is shame attached to it. People in our community are forced to wear a smile when they are hurting inside or not coping with the horrible stuff that life brings at times.

People say things like “he has lost it” “she is acting odd” without knowing the full facts. Black society is so harsh but in a way they can’t be blamed for that attitude because everyone is going through something and we are all experts at fixing a fake smile to show the world that all is ok when it isn’t.

Let’s do a better job of looking out for our loved ones.