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Interview 1.3 (Sheyi N. Alabi)

Fantastic artwork by a talented African brother.

Thoughts of Cromwell

Good day and welcome to my blog. Today, I’ll be bringing to you another exciting episode of the Interview as I will introduce a really talented African artist that goes by the name of Sheyi N Alabi. So I came across his wonderful art on Instagram (again lol) and I was glued to his page. I see a lot of art during my surfing episodes but his art stuck out. Something that impressed me was the presence of the African culture in his art and another wonderful thing was how he was able to achieve such a unique look for his art with just pencils. The last factor really impressed me because I told you all that I used to draw but never learnt to paint and the fact that someone was able to achieve this level of art with just pencils astonished me. I think I’ve talked the talk…

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