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Are we praying enough?

Life is so busy isn’t it so devoting the time to pray can be a challenge. It is often said that prayer works so it makes sense to devote more time to it. It could be a simply prayer of thanks to acknowledge all the blessings that have come your way.

There has been countless stories of pastors and cults worldwide taking advantage of vulnerable individuals, it is enough to ditch prayer and the issue of faith.

What is important is to develop a heart of gratitude and an attitude of thanksgiving.

There was a bread seller whose face was captured in a shot that Tinie Tempah, the UK rapper was doing in Nigeria, she is now a model, getting contracts from all over the world, isn’t that a modern day miracle?

People use all kinds of things to get through life, drink and drugs for example so it is different things for different people.

A topic of prayer is worth thinking about though.