Diaspora World

What the soul wants.

Is it always right to give in to what the soul wants all the time? if the soul is attracted to something that is not good for you, you are likely to face consequences if you have give in to what the soul wants. What about in the case of food cravings, you desperately want that box of krispy kremes and you are struggling to fit into your favourite jeans, what a dilemma!

Your favourite shoe shop has a massive sale on, do you give in and use your rent or mortgage money to buy the shoes you are been eyeing up for a while?

The African culture has a way of life which is based around custom and tradition, most of us with African heritage have a deep love for Africa but not those things that come with it so should we follow the traditions and customs and allow them to be inflicted on our kids just because our parents want it?

There is another side to this argument, your soul could attract something that is good for you but not necessarily in the packaging that you want, it would make sense to give in regardless of the packaging, you shouldn’t miss out on something that could help you and change your life.