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Hanging out with my sisters.

Once you are married and when a child comes along, you have to kiss those fun nights with the sisters goodbye. Your bar and party fund turns into the baby fund, they always need stuff and therefore priorities have to change.

The first year as a Mum is so intense that you barely have the energy to cook and clean the house, nights out with the girls is often put on hold. As the years go by, your only leisurely activity is watching a bit of tv and a bit of shopping by yourself. You are often desperate for some peace and quiet so a quick trip to the supermarket for a few groceries turns into two hours of some “me” time. As much as being a Mum is a wonderful thing, you need a break from the screaming toddler and the tantrums over food.

I miss the nights out from time to time, dressing up, going out with the sisters to enjoy a nice meal and having a good chat about partners, hair,make up and life in general was so much fun back in the day.

That sense of guilt becomes too much each time I plan an evening out with a friend.

Maybe it is time to get over that feeling.