Diaspora World

Ignore the haters!

If you make the effort to look good and take care of yourself, haters don’t like it do they?

Anyone who has something unique about them is often intriguing. Wouldn’t it make sense to befriend that person and learn from them. Some people are full of positive energy and those kinds of friendships can be enriching.

People hate it when they see that others are doing better than them especially in our black community. My Mum took my sister and I to Ghana for a holiday 20 years ago and an aunt paid us a visit. The first thing that she did was to go through my things and ask what she could take. She didn’t come with any gifts and quickly turned sour when I told her that I didn’t bring her anything neither was she getting anything.

People are especially hateful when you get married you and have a baby, Often those you have known for 30 years turn into the green eyed monster when things start changing for you and blessings become a regular occurrence for you.

How can the haters expect to receive good things in their lives when they are busy hating others? African parties are the best, you can spot the haters a mile off, they are the ones packed in the corner, gossiping away and passing comments on everyone who walks past them.

Some haters make it a regular job to spread malicious rumours about people, why why why? Keep ignoring the haters!