Diaspora World

All things African.

Don’t we love all things African whether it is necklaces, headwraps, dresses, fans, bangles or earrings, I love it all. It wasn’t the case 30 years ago.

It was mainly Mums who wore African outfits to social gatherings back in the day, kids were dressed in western attire and steered from vlisco prints, they just aren’t cool for some of us.

Myself and a group of friends decided to change it up bit and dress up in African attire for the London carnival 20 years ago. Oh what fun we had! It was a glorious afternoon, our prints made us all stand out, we were radiant and proud to be African.

The African print evokes the feeling of belonging, pride and a sense of knowing who you are and where you are from.

The world has now decided that all things African are interesting.

What they don’t know is that anything from Africa has always been interesting.