Diaspora World

Never mind what they say, just be yourself.

Society makes it a daily task to put people in categories and because certain behaviour is expected. This is something that baffles me on a regular basis, she is too dark, he is too chubby, she is lightskinned and pretty, they are African, I don’t understand what they are saying, in the UK this is how we do things, she is not aging well.

I always have a giggle when I see my fellow black sisters with bleached faces and dark knuckles, why are they doing that to themselves? Sisters of all colours are beautiful. Brothers move to the USA and after a year they have start talking with an American accent. What are they trying to prove? Women in their forties are injecting botox in their faces, getting their boobs lifted, getting fat sucked out of their bodies in a desperate attempt to stay young but you can’t halt the aging process, embrace it and enjoy it. If your hair is turning grey and change it and dye your hair a fun colour but don’t continue to dye it when you turn 60!

There is currently a discussion going on with the UK press concerning a young Rastafarian London school boy and his school, they are insisting that he cut his locks or he will face suspension, if that was a Sikh boy, that would not be an issue.

Society wants the world to conform and be obedient like soldiers, the attitude is stifling I think. I went to school with the guy who was ashamed to be African and every time I tried to chat to him, he ignored me, I thought he was a fool and didn’t bother with him after a while.

Be yourself, stay true to yourself and surround yourself with people who are also true to themselves.