Diaspora World

Celebrating my sisters

I am celebrating my sisters today. We are all about it aren’t we. We have a special knack of making it work with what we have. We can use a dollop of shea butter on our skins and we glow all day long, a week in the sunshine makes us look brand new.

Yolanda Adams, that awesome gospel megastar was sharing her domestic abuse testimony on tv a while back, she shared some horrific details about the vicious beatings she got from her ex husband, through it all, she was calm, stood tall and beautiful, with God on our side we all stand tall in the face of hostility and adversity.

As for our appearance, anyone with a strong black Mum knows they are hot on their children smelling good and looking neat at all times. We are trained experts in looking good. Whether it is western wear or African attire from head to toe, sisters always look beautiful.

We are the epitome of beauty, some of us just get by with a touch of bronzer and mascara and some turn their faces into works of art with perfectly applied make up. It is all beautiful.

Let’s talk hair, there is a natural hair revolution going on at the moment and it is thrilling to see, there are so many sisters who have chosen to ditch the relaxer and let the fro grow naturally. Whether the hair is braided, in cornrows, a weave or simply chopped off and worn short, sisters look stunning however they wear their hair.

Let’s celebrate each other at all times.


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