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Girls and their Dads

Dads have to be on point at all times where their little girls are concerned. The Dad and daughter relationship runs very deep. Little girls experience their first taste of heartache from Dad and it is likely to impact their adult relationships and sour their view of men.

It is difficult to trust when you have been hurt at an early age. I am always excited when I see a Dad making a fuss of his daughter, it is a sight that warms my heart all the time.

African Dads are quite scary, they are great with issues of disclipine but fall short when it comes to the emotional stuff. I secretly think that they cannot handle the emotional stuff because they don’t want to seen as vulnerable beings.

Years ago Dads didn’t show affection in public, didn’t shop for their girls but now modern Dads are braiding their daughter’s hair, cooking and even doing the school run.

Times have certainly changed.


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