Diaspora World

Prepare yourself for awesome things.

It is easy to wish for good things to happen in our lives but do we take the time to prepare our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to be able to receive them? I get stressed and worry about everything and yet I don’t want to fall sick. Studies show that stress is linked to one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

A lot of people are frantically going on dates with anyone and everyone in the hopes of finding “the one” but wouldn’t it make sense to slow down with all that and take the time to work on yourself whilst you are waiting for that special someone.

A lot of us are seeking a new direction in terms of our careers or business projects so what are we doing to make that happen?

If you are seeking good stuff to come into your life then it would make sense to prepare for them.

There is another side of to this of course, when the good stuff comes along, can you recognise it? A potential partner may come along but not in the package that would interest you, do you walk on by or take a leap of faith and go for it?

Some food for thought.


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